Embodyments was founded in 2019 by Ambria Underwood while in the midst of her journey with self love & discovery. Although not in the best place of her life, in hindsight, it was preparing her to create Embodyments. She always envisioned of creating her own beauty business using natural ingredients but during this journey she realized Embodyments had a greater purpose than being just another skin care company. 

We realize that not all beauty treatments require harsh chemicals & chemicals aren't the only way to getting lustrous skin. That is why we bring you exotic ingredients & ancient beauty regimens from all around the world. 

Embodiment : /əmˈbädēməntsomeone or something that represents a quality or an idea exactly

Our main goal is for you to embody self love, self confidence, & healthy self esteem. We want to encourage you to be the best version of yourself and to love & accept your natural self using natural ingredients.

All of our products are handcrafted & handmade in small batches to ensure you get all the benefits of our exclusive ingredients. We are & always will be cruelty free. 

We appear small in numbers but this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey that we can't wait to bring you along with