Embodyments was founded in 2019 by fashion model Ambria Underwood while in the midst of her journey with self love & self discovery. Although not in the best place of her life, in hindsight, it was preparing her to create Embodyments. She's always loved everything beauty related & helping people feel good about themselves. During her transformation she realized Embodyments had a greater purpose than being just another skin care company.

In ancient times, people used nature to treat skin ailments & achieve glowing healthy skin. That is why we bring you exotic ingredients & ancient beauty regimens from all around the world. This is the return of ancient skincare

Embodiment : /əmˈbädēməntsomeone or something that represents a quality or an idea exactly

Our main goal is for you to embody self love, self confidence, & healthy self esteem. We want to encourage you to look like & be the best version of yourself and to love & accept your natural self using natural ingredients

Moon : /mo͞on/ : power, fertility, admiration, cycles, balance, instinct, femininity, yin

The moon is recognized as a feminine symbol symbolizing powerful feminine energy. Our desire when you use our products is that they help you tap into your inner goddess & recognize the power you hold within 

All of our products are handcrafted & handmade in small batches with minimal ingredients to ensure you get all the benefits of our exclusive ingredients. We are & always will be cruelty free